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Blacksmith Metanome - Ettiene deKock - Sculpture
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Blacksmith Metanome

2017 unique

I invented the word ‘Metanome’ to describe the structures I make and the randomness of their movement. It is a word play on the metronome (From the Greek Metros-measure and Nome - Regulator), a device invented in 1815 to help regulate the tempo for musicians. I have substituted Meta (above, beyond), as in metaphysical, and end up with the perfect word to describe these structures. Metanome means Beyond Regulation.

These sculptures consist of a set of linked and tuned pendulums that are totally unpredictable in their movement. Normally it takes weeks to get the tuning right but this one worked perfectly from the start.


Forged and found steel

Height: 3050mm

Unique, available